Saturday, December 10, 2005

Amazing Honour

I have great students!

As a professor I believe that I have the best students. Yesterday I hosted a Christmas party for those students in the program I am coordinator for. It was great. Even though a number of my students were away we had moments with over 20 people in my house. It was a lot of fun, and the end amazed me more. The students had gotten me a few Christmas gifts. Certainly they didn't need to do this, but it sure made me feel special. I hope the students know what an honour it is for me to be able to teach them. I am so happy to be working for a school where God is the focus, not just of the faculty, but also of the students. Being able to teach them business from a Christian point of view is a very special opportunity. Even though there are some times that I'm frustrated when they are not listening as well as they could, or if they don't live up to their potential, overall it is a great experience. I treasure my job and the opportunity to make a difference.