Sunday, May 28, 2006

Taking Care of The Environment

The following is a quote from the book "Adventures in Missing The Point" by Brian McLaren and Tony Campolo. Tony Campolo writes,

"Christians have let new agers hijack the environmentalist movement and make it their own domain. Environmentalism should be a Christian concern.

All creation is waiting for the sons and daughters of God to rescue it from the painful suffering it has had to endure at the hands of those of us who have been neglectful and discouraged, wrote the apostle Paul in Romans 8........

The two biggest reasons why Christians should make environmentalism a high priority, however, are that Christian stewardship requires it, and that the descruction of the earth's natural beauty impacts the worship of God." P. 187

This is important for Christians. We should be at the front of the environmental movement. In our home businesses, there are many companies that promote products that are better for the environment (including me! Check out

If you promote environmentally friendly products you are doing an important task. Something that I am sure God is happy with.


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