Sunday, December 31, 2006


I've been reading a book called "Banker for the Poor" by Muhammad Yunus, who is this years winner of the Nobel Peace Prize. Yunus discusses the use of micro-credit lending to the very poorest of people allowing them to start small businesses and pulling themselves and others out of poverty.

Here is a quote:
"To me, an entrepreneur is not an especially gifted person. I rather take the reverse view. I believe that all human beings are potential entrepreneurs. Some of us get the opportunity to express this talent, but many of us never get the chance because we were made to imagine that an entrepreneur is someone enormously gifted and different from ourselves." P. 207

This is an important thought for people in the home business world. It fits very well with what most home businesses promote - the opportunity for every individual to start a home business at a minimal start up expense.

Unfortunately many people still believe today that they don't hhave what it takes to be an entrepreneur. People believe that it is only the very gifted who will succeed and that they themselves could not achieve their goals.

Of course this is rubish. Everyone has within them the ability to achieve their goals. They may need to grow and develop, but they already have the most important skills - the ability to be persistent and consistent in working towards a goal.

If you are not in a home business, check out the links on the right side of this blog. You too can be an entrepreneur.

Danny Gamache

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