Thursday, February 22, 2007

Poor Customer Service

It's amazing how some companies are terrible at customer service. I had an awful experience this week with AOL Canada.

I used to have an account with AOL Canada and I cancelled it several months ago. I used it for the bring-your-own access service. In December I got a letter from AOL introducing their "now for free" program where the bring-your-own service is now free.

I reconnected to AOL assuming that my existing software would allow me to use this new free service. Unfortunately I didn't read all of the complex material and learn that to get it for free I had to have a different software. I didn't realize until the I got my credit card bill that I was being charge. By that time, I had two separate charges for two months of connection.

I phoned AOL Canada and expected a simple call to get a refund for the whopping $22 that I spent. A simple refund, would have kept me happy and I wouldn't be telling the world through this blog about how bad they have treated me. They absolutely refused, in fact (laughingly) denying any ability to give a refund.

This is an example, of how not to treat your customers.


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