Monday, February 05, 2007

The Power of Personal Momentum

Have you ever had an assignment that you had a hard time getting started on? Or perhaps you have tried to get started on a something new in your life, like adding a workout to your schedule, and found you easily got off track? What you are experiencing are ways that the power of momentum can help you get started.

I have had a project that I have needed to do for the last couple of weeks and I have had the hardest time getting it done. It sure is easy to procrastinate. The problem was that I had no momentum. Personal momentum is like a train. The most energy is used is in getting the train started. Once the train is started it is very difficult to slow the train down. However, if you stop the train, you once again have to work hard to get it started again.

For my project this weekend, all it really took to get momentum was to get started. I committed a half hour to getting started, and by the end of that half hour I had momentum. That momentum carried me through the rest of the work on the project over the next couple of days. All told I spent about 7 hours on this project. The hardest was the first few minutes - the process of getting started.

I also noticed the effect of momentum in my personal exercise program. I have been attending a 6:30 AM fitness class on Monday, Wednesday and Friday this semester. Last week I had a bad cold and missed Wednesday and Friday's workouts. I really noticed it when I thought about getting up and going to the workout this morning. It is much harder to restart than it is to continue. Thankfully I did drag myself out of bed and started the process of once again creating momentum.

Use this power to get you moving towards success in your business. It is easy to procrastinate, but commit yourself to a course of action and get started. Once you get going, don't stop. Momentum can easily get away from you.


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