Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Have You Read Jonah Lately?

Have you read the book of Jonah lately?

What a powerful little story. I would encourage you to read it again if you haven't read it for sometime, it only takes a few minutes.

While there are some amazing messages about repentance in this book, what struck me as I read it this week were the lessons on attitude. Jonah is a great example a bad attitude.

First of all, he does not have an attitude of love. His attitude is very selfish. He doesn't go to Nineveh because he doesn't want them to receive God's forgiveness (Jonah 4:2-3). He is very selfish. This is the opposite of that attitude that Christ calls us to live in. An attitude of self-sacrifice and love (Philippians 2).

Secondly, Jonah is very stubborn. First of all Jonah, stubbornly runs from God. Then, after getting swallowed by the giant fish it appears that he takes three days before he is willing to pray to God (Jonah 1:17-2:1).

Finally we see that Jonah's attitude is shaped by circumstances. In Chapter 4 we see that Jonah starts off discontent, angry at God. After a God provides a vine, Jonah is happy (4:6). The next day God takes away the vine, and his attitude slinks back into a negative attitude (4:8).

Our attitude has significant influence over the way we live our lives. It has an impact over our relationship with other people, and above all our relationship with God. Let us all live an attitude filled with love and sacrifice. Don't let circumstances control your attitude.


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