Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Make Three Daily Business Commitments

Probably one of the absolute keys to building your home business (once you have found a good company), is to be consistent in your daily activity. Consistent growth will always outlast quick spurts followed by complete stops. You need to be doing activity each day to grow your business.

The first thing I ask every team member to do is to commit to 15 minutes a day of professional development related to their business. This should be reading the company magazine or listening to an audio training. This is vital to keep your head in the game - to keep you focused on developing yourself and your business.

After that I recommend making three daily business building activities. These should be three things that you will commit to do each day - no matter what - that will create growth in your business.

For this list you can include things like the number of approach calls you will make every day; the number of follow up calls to your teammates; the amount of time you will spend on online marketing etc. etc. In other words choose things that will create growth - and then do those three things every day.

It works best if you put down things that will help you create momentum for your day; things that you may not want to do at first, but once you get going you don't have a problem. For me, one of these things is phoning prospects. It is always easier not to do it, however not much grows your business like finding a new business partner. As such I commit to making at least 5 dials each day. Normally I make many more than that, but by making the first 5 I create personal momentum and activity.

Tony Robbins teaches that your body always wants to stay in the "state" that it is in. This is why your comfort zone is so powerful. By getting started on an activity, like dialing the phone to call potential customers, you get in a new "state". You get in the "state" of action and start creating results.

So choose three activities that will create growth in your business. These activities should all relate to the critical activities need to grow your business, and doing them should lead to further growth for your business.

Danny Gamache
(Professor, Coach, Entrepreneur)

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