Thursday, October 11, 2007

Work With The End in Mind

Here is a great post by John Jantsch from the Duct Tape Marketing Blog about having a clear picture for what your business will be like when it is done.

I think it brings up two interesting points. First of all, having a clear picture of the outcome of your business is valuable - it will help you work harder and smarter. It will give you a deeper motivation and help you work in the proper direction.

Secondly, it means that your business should have an end goal - that doesn't mean you have to stop working your business - but if you know your end goal you can work towards it AND be happy when you get there. Too often one goal is replaced by the next and by the next and no one is ever satisfied with the work they have done. While you should always have goals in life you also need to be content and satisfied when you achieve the goal you are working towards.

This is a tough balance to achieve - having goals to propel you forward, and being content and able to celebrate goals that are achieved. Any thoughts?

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