Thursday, September 27, 2007


Are you thankful? If you are thankful, do you live like it?

Today we are often victims of two forces that push us towards unhappiness and living a life without gratitude.

#1 - Always striving for more - Now setting goals and working towards more is not a problem - in fact it can be very healthy - however, many people do so at the expense of forgetting all of the great things they have today. Is your goal to grow your business so you can experience more with your family? If so, then remember to appreciate the times you are able to spend with your family now.

#2- Taking things for granted - We also often take many things for granted. If we would stop and think through how much we already have we will be filled with gratitude and be more happy.

Taking the time to be grateful leads to happiness.

Here is a great post about the topic:


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