Tuesday, May 17, 2005

One of the things I focus on, in all areas of my life, is how the business world can be your ministry. How can it be a place for Christians to impact the lives of others, to address their physical needs, emotional needs, social needs, and of course spiritual needs.

I am currently reading a book called "UnLearning Church" by Michael Slaughter. This book focuses on the changes that we need to make to the way church has been done in the past to impact the next generation. It also effectively teaches of the importance of serving others with our complete lives.

The following quote provided a powerful demonstration of how serving others can be a great form of ministry, and how Christians can use their involvement in the world of business to impact those around them:

"A few years ago, Ross thought the Lord wanted him to start something at the car dealership where he works. As he explains, 'We started a Bible study there, and I kept inviting the guys to come, but the only ones showing up were those who were already Christians, and there weren't many of them! So we changed the format a little and decided to have a men's breakfast in the conference room of the dealership. Now, once a month, we bring in a Christian speaker who shares a personal story or a message. My wife cooks the breakfast, and the salesmen show up.' " P. 199 - UnLearning Church - Michael Slaughter.

Having previously worked in a retail store I found myself thinking of how this kind of ministry would have been so effective. Our churches need to support the business people by helping them provide these kinds of opportunities to reach others. Christian business people need to look for more creative ways like this that we can show others the love of Christ.

- Blessings!

Danny Gamache

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