Friday, May 27, 2005

Why are people rude?

I had an interesting experience today. Someone who has read my newsletter for a few years, visited my web site and requested that I call her with information about my business. In fact she put 'please call' in her comments section. Having followed up with her request and set up a time to share my business with her, I proceed to take a significant amount of time with her (about 45 minutes) to share all the details of our business and answer numerous questions that she had. Then after that length of time she promptly, and rudely hung up on me.

What possesses people to act that way? Do they think that just because I am talking to them on the phone from far away that they can be rude to me? Or, are these just people who would be rude in the rest of their lives as well and simply not care, or not realize it?

When I spend a significant amount of time with someone like that on the phone, I'm not requiring that they say yes and join my business. Thankfully, most of them do, making it well worth my while. However, what I at least expect is the common courtesy to discuss what about the business interested her and what didn't. People can make their own decision and decide this isn't for them, but they don't need to be rude and disrespectful when doing it.


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