Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Cost Of Your Commute

One of the biggest benefits for having your own business relates to the cost your commute takes on you. Many of the costs you do not even realize. Tim Ferris has a great post today on determining the cost of your commute. He emphasizes the ability to work from anywhere at any time. I love my home business because I can move and it moves with me, and because I can travel and still keep things moving.

Here is the article:


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Allan White said...

Greetings - I came via 4HWW. On the commute: I went from a home-based freelancer to an onsite-based video producer, and this is the one part that has been really tough.

I'd love to be able to to it offsite - but it's just impossible, currently, in this role: too much heavy equipment, tape archives, etc. Eventually I'll probably spin back out once I build my skills back up, but it's a pretty good gig.